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5 DIY Garden Projects to do during COVID-19

May 12, 2020

Due to the current pandemic, many people have been forced to stay at home and as a result, are turning to home improvement and garden projects as a form of entertainment. Get motivated to turn your yard into the perfect staycation destination with our list of DIY garden projects!

Landscape and DIY garden projects for the perfect staycation:

Lay turf

contactless turf delivery, stay at home, garden project

Having turf laid in your yard transforms it into the perfect space, making your lawn a space the whole family can gather, play and enjoy. 

Make your neighbours jealous with a lush new lawn by using this time to lay some fresh turf in your yard! Just because we have to stay at home doesn’t mean we can’t be productive by undertaking a few garden projects.

With our new contactless delivery system, ordering turf has never been easier. Simply follow our guide below and make one of your next garden projects a turf project!

  1. Head over to our turf comparison tool and select the turf variety that best suits your needs. 

If you’re not 100% sure what the best variety for your yard is (or if you have any questions), feel free to give us a call on 02 4651 0000 and we’ll be happy to help you out.
  2. Now that you’ve chosen your variety, you’ll need to work out how much turf to buy. To do this you’ll need to measure the area to calculate how much turf is required to cover the area.
    Need help? Check out our page, Estimating turf quantities for a helpful guide.
  3. Once you know which variety you want, and how much to buy, it’s time to buy turf. To order your turf, simply fill out our online quote request or give us a call to order over the phone.
  4. Next, sit back and wait for your farm fresh turf to arrive! We’ll arrange and ensure a contactless delivery for you.
  5. While you wait for your turf to be delivered you should prepare the area so that you’re ready to lay the turf when it arrives. To do this you’ll need to prepare the soil. 

Unsure what that entails? Check out our page Preparing the soil for a detailed and helpful guide.
  6. Once you receive your turf via contactless delivery, it’s time to lay it! To do this, lay the turf in a brick-like design, start from one side and work your way up, trimming any edges that overhang the area. 

Read more about laying turf, including a how-to guide.


Build a deck or patio

contactless turf delivery, stay at home, garden project, patio

Adding a deck or a patio to your yard is the perfect way to pass some time while you’re stuck at home.

Think of all the family BBQ’s, summer parties and fun that could be had in your backyard (once things return to normal) if you had a nice deck or patio space to entertain and relax on.

Are you ready to start your next garden project and build your own deck? Check out this great how-to guide from the Home Design Directory: Build your own deck in 6 easy steps

Is a patio more to your taste? Take a look at Bunnings guide: How to Achieve Patio Perfection

Add shade

contactless turf delivery, stay at home, garden project, shade options

Australian summers are hot and having a nice shady area in your garden can provide the perfect summer staycation location. We’ve listed 5 ways to create shade in your backyard with these DIY shade ideas:

  • Put up a shade Sail
  • Create a seating area with a shade umbrella
  • Build a gazebo or pergola
  • Outdoor blinds

For information on how to create the above shade options, please refer to the Bunnings Guide to Instant Shade options.

Put in a new garden bed and plants

contactless turf delivery, stay at home, garden projects, staycation

Putting in new garden beds and adding some fresh plants will really transform your yard.

If you’re looking to create a backyard oasis for your next staycation, we recommend adding some new plants, garden beds or rocks around the edges of the garden areas to give your backyard an up-end and relaxed feel.

Be sure to choose a range of plants that will provide some shade to areas such as seating areas and play areas for kids.

Add furniture, light & decor

contactless turf delivery, stay at home, garden projects, staycation, bbq area

Now that you’ve got a beautiful lawn, new deck or patio and fresh garden beds, it’s time to bring your backyard oasis together by adding furniture, lighting and decor.

Think about how space will be used. Do you have a large family who eats outside together? If so, you should consider adding a family dining setting.

This would go great next to a BBQ, outdoor lounge set or even on some beautiful turf.

Be sure to make sure you’re getting enough light to the area! There are lots of garden light options on the market, but we personally love string ball festival lights like these ones from Bunnings – Perfect for entertaining your family and friends under!

Are you ready to get your backyard reno underway? Take the first step and lay down a lush new lawn from Cobbitty turf.

Contactless Delivery

contactless turf delivery, stay at home, garden projects, staycation

Take advantage of spending a lot more time at home and get things done around the house, such a garden project or two, to improve your home environment.

Watch our latest video where we explain how easy it is to have turf delivered contact free to your door, so you can have a great space at home to enjoy.

Buy with confidence

Are you ready to buy the best turf for the Southern Highlands? All of our varieties are backed by a 10 year warranty. 

With every turf purchase, no matter how big or small, you will be issued with a Lawn Solutions Australia Certificate of Warranty. This Certificate is your guarantee that you are receiving genuine Certified Turf.

As a member of the Lawn Solutions Australia house of brands, your purchase of turf will also be covered by our nationwide warranty.

Need help choosing the best variety for your situation? Get in touch with one of our friendly team members today!

Call: 02 4651 0000


Fill out our contact form to have one of our team members get back to you to answer any questions you may have.

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