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Tif Tuf Bermuda

Tiftuf Bermuda Grass

$15.50 /m²
TifTuf Bermuda turf is the product of 25 years of research and development from one of the world's leading breeders.

Tiftuf Bermuda for Camden, Illawarra and Greater Sydney area

The TifTuf Bermuda Turf Variety is the product of almost 25 years of research and development from one of the worlds leading turf grass breeders, the University of Georgia.

100% Genetically Pure

As TifTuf was selected from a large gene pool based on certain traits, maintaining the genetic purity is crucial. To ensure this, the University of Georgia has bred all of its foundation material (thousands of acres) from a single plant!

Is TifTuf any good? Absolutely!

  • Hand-selected from over 30,000 different varieties of turf grass
  • Has had almost 25 years of research conducted on it by the world’s leading turf grass scientists
  • Superior drought tolerance requires on average 38% less water than other varieties
  • Fantastic winter colour and spring green-up qualities
  • Self-repairing
  • Shade Tolerant
  • A 10-Year Product Warranty comes included

Backed by Lawn Solutions Australia

With every Tiftuf Bermuda purchase, no matter how big or small, you will be issued a Lawn Solutions Australia Certificate of Warranty. This certificate is your guarantee that you are receiving genuine Tiftuf Bermuda.

As a member of the Lawn Solutions Australia house of brands, your purchase of Tiftuf Bermuda will also be covered by our nationwide warranty. Learn more about the benefits of buying from an LSA accredited grower.

The Benefits of TifTuf’s Growth Habit

TifTuf grass, also known as Cynodon dactylon, is a type of warm-season grass known for its strong growth and ability to spread quickly. It grows above the ground through runners called stolons, which help it recover fast from damage and create a thick and even carpet of grass.

TifTuf has a very fine leaf blade with dense growth, making it ideal for a wide variety of applications. Its density enables it to handle high-wear situations like backyards and sports fields whilst it has reasonable shade tolerance and a very soft leaf to walk on.

TifTuf Bermuda has been scientifically forged to produce a great-looking all round lawn with superior qualities whilst requiring minimal inputs.

Is TifTuf Hard to Maintain?

No lawn is entirely maintenance-free, but TifTuf is known for being relatively easy to care for. It has natural defences against diseases, pests, and drought, making it less needy compared to other types of grass. However, you still need to mow, water, and fertilize it properly to keep it looking its best. Its hardy nature means it won’t demand excessive maintenance.

Does TifTuf Grass Need Frequent Mowing?

How often you should mow TifTuf grass depends on various factors like how tall you want it, how fast it grows, the weather, and the type of soil.

As a general rule, it’s a good idea to mow TifTuf when it’s about 2.5 to 4 centimetres tall during the growing season. This usually means mowing every 7 to 10 days. It’s best to use a catcher when mowing TifTuf to avoid thatch build-up.

For the most lawn-proud, TifTuf can be mown very low as compared to other varieties (down to 9mm). You can use a cylinder mower to get a most manicured look, or even lawn stripes if that’s what you’re after (and have the time to put in the effort!)

During the warmer months, when it grows faster, you will need to mow more often than in the winter when you may not need to mow very often at all. In general, the grass blades should be left a bit longer in winter to help the plant make the most of the available sunlight.

How Much Water Does It Need?

TifTuf is great at handling drought compared to many other types of grass, but it still needs some water to stay healthy and good-looking. The key is to water it deeply when it needs it, but not too often during the active growing season. With TifTuf, you really only need to water when the grass is looking dry.

How to Fertilize TifTuf?

Fertilizing is important for any healthy lawn. It gives the grass the nutrients it needs for strong growth, deep roots, and vibrant colour. It’s a good idea to get a soil test before applying fertilizer to figure out exactly what your lawn needs.

TifTuf turf usually benefits from a balanced fertilizer with the right mix of nutrients. You can use a slow-release granular fertilizer during the growing season, typically in spring and early summer, to get the best results. TifTuf does well with 1-2 applications of fertiliser a year. It’s best not to use a fertiliser that’s high in nitrogen in the autumn or winter.

How Does TifTuf Compare to Other Turf Varieties?

View this variety on our farm

To view the different turf varieties on the farm please make an appointment. The farm is not always staffed and able to accommodate walk-in requests.

Learn more about TifTuf Hybrid Bermuda Grass

Tiftuf Bermuda Grass
Overall Performance
Shade Tolerance
Wear Tolerance
Low Maintenance
Drought Tolerance
Heat Tolerance
Weed Resistance
Pest Resistance
Low Fertilisation

The Benefits of Tiftuf Bermuda Grass

  • Superior drought tolerance
  • Self repairing
  • Shade tolerance
  • Wear tolerance
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