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Watering Frequency Tips

Dec 17, 2018

Once established, wise watering helps keep your lawn looking its best.

Watering wisely produces deep roots, making the turf more tolerant in dry conditions and will help boost the longevity of your lawn.

Initial Watering

The first 7-14 days are very important, the turf must not be allowed to dry out, and the soil must be kept moist.

After Taking Root

Once the turf cannot be pulled up, the turf has taken root.
You should continue to water your new lawn carefully for the next three weeks, after which less frequent and deeper watering should begin.

Once Established

After the turf is established, water wisely. Proper watering will produce deep roots, making your lawn more tolerant to a variety of conditions.

What if my soil is sandy?

If you have sandy soil, your lawn may require a little more watering. Simply follow the same guidelines as used with normal soil, but make sure water your turf a little longer.

Should I Water Differently When it’s Hotter or Colder?

On hot, windy days, turf will dry out quickly and should be watered more often. When the temperature reaches 35°C or higher, you will need to water your turf 2-3 times a day to help it remain healthy.

On cooler or cloudy days, the turf may only need watering up to twice a day in summer.

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