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The Best Turf For Goulburn’s Climate

Dec 13, 2023

Learn all about how to weigh up the pros and cons of the different turf varieties available for Goulburn. We’ve got 3 recommended grass types.

When looking for the best turf for Goulburn, it’s important to note that the best variety for you will depend on how you intend to use the lawn and the setup of your yard.

Goulburn’s climate includes frosty winters and hot dry summers, so it is a harsh environment for grass to thrive in. Choose wisely!

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What is The Best Turf For The Goulburn Climate? How to Choose The Right Grass Variety

To choose the best grass for your home lawn in Goulburn, you need to consider the following things:

  • Drought & Frost: How much watering do you want to/can you do in summer? Will the lawn die or turn yellow or brown in a cold snap?
  • Budget: What’s your budget? There’s a price difference between varieties however you will get a better-performing lawn with a higher budget.
  • Wear & tear: Do you have kids, dogs, or generally a lot of foot traffic on the lawn?
  • Shade: How much sun will your lawn receive daily?
  • Maintenance: How committed will you be to mowing, edging and fertilising?

You should also consider how each variety performs by looking at:  

  • Weed resistance: Will the grass variety out-compete weeds?
  • Disease resistance: How susceptible will the variety be to lawn diseases and fungus?

The best turf for Goulburn are these three grass varieties:

However as mentioned above, the best grass variety for you will depend on your circumstances. 

TifTuf Bermuda


Turf Varieties for Goulburn Climate – TifTuf Bermuda Grass Attributes

TifTuf Bermuda is a great choice for Goulburn as it’s been scientifically forged to produce a high-performing all-round lawn with superior qualities.

Tiftuf is worth looking at because it is:

  • Budget-friendly (not the cheapest but also not the most expensive variety on offer)
  • Extremely Drought Tolerant (it requires 33% less water than other varieties while requiring minimal inputs. It’s a great performer in our dry hot summers)
  • Good Colour In Winter (TifTuf will brown off a little, but it won’t lose its colour in frosty conditions).
  • Fine Looking and Soft (Tiftuf has a fine leaf, and feels soft underfoot)
  • Very Tough (features dense and lateral growth, making it able to withstand high wear and traffic situations)
  • Weed resistant (won’t get overtaken by weeds if well maintained)
  • Shade Tolerant (It can withstand a reasonable amount of shade making it a suitable choice for backyards that don’t get full sun all the time. It’s not quite as good as Sir Walter or Sir Grange for shade tolerance, but it is very good).

For more information on why Tiftuf is a popular choice, visit our Tiftuf Bermuda page

Sir Walter Buffalo DNA Certified Turf


Best Turf for Goulburn Climate Grasses Sir Walter DNA Certified Lawn Attributes

Sir Walter is a great choice for Goulburn homes as it provides you with a luxurious and verdant-looking lawn that others don’t, but it’s also a very strong performer in drought and frost. 

Great for backyard applications, Sir Walter has a thicker leaf and has stood the test of time to prove that it will go and grow just about anywhere performing well in:

  • Excellent Drought tolerance (not quite as good as TifTuf, but still very good)
  • Great Winter Colour (won’t die or go brown or yellow with a frost like Kikuyu will)
  • Superior Shade Tolerance (as good as it gets, surviving with as little as 4 hours of sun a day)
  • Very Strong Weed Resistance (really thick so it crowds out the weeds)
  • Wear Resistance (hardy and rapidly self-repairs from damage)
  • Maintenance Requirements (doesn’t require quite so much mowing as some varieties like Kikuyu)
  • Non-invasive (won’t take over your garden beds)

If you’re looking for a grass variety that will perform well under most backyard conditions, Sir Walter Buffalo is worth looking at as one of the most popular turf varieties in Australia. 

Sir Grange

Goulburn Climate Grasses – Sir Grange Attributes

Sir Grange is also a solid choice for Goulburn due to its characteristics. 

Being a premium fine leaf variety normally reserved for golf courses, Sir Grange has

  • Very low nutrient and water requirements (makes it cheap to run)
  • Highly shade tolerant of shade (only needs 4 hours of direct sunlight a day)
  • Looks great (featuring an ultra-fine dark green leaf that looks like a velvet carpet)
  • Weed and insect-resistant
  • Self-repairing if given enough time (it’s a much slower-growing variety)
  • Requires 50% less mowing compared to other premium varieties

The caveat with Sir Grange is that it’s very demanding on the install requirements. If you’re not a professional and/or someone with a lot of experience laying lawns, then this variety is fussy and takes a long time to get going and can only be laid at certain times of year or it will not establish well. But, once this stage is over (it can require 12 weeks) then you will have an amazing low-maintenance and gorgeous-looking lawn.

For more information on why Sir Grange is a solid choice for Goulburn, visit our Sir Grange variety page. 

Find the right variety for you

For more information on how to choose the best turf for Goulburn, checkout Goulburn Turf or head over to our online turf variety comparison tool which allows you to apply filters to find the best turf variety to meet your needs.


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