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Goulburn Turf Supplies

Just up the highway, Cobbitty Turf is a turf supplier that does not compromise on quality!

Fresh Cut Turf Delivered to the Goulburn Area Regularly

Just north up the highway from Goulburn near Camden is Theresa Park the home of Cobbitty Turf. We love delivering our freshly cut, high quality turf to Goulburn!

Because we’re close, there’s no problem getting your turf quickly. However, please give us as much notice as possible before the date that you will require your turf delivery

We can recommend where to get soil and help you choose the right grass variety, just give us a call on 02 4651 0000.

Read on below to find out more about turf and soil types in and around the Goulburn.

Turf Varieties that work well in Goulburn

There are three premium turf varieties that we grow which suit lawns in the Goulburn. They each have their pros and cons to consider. Ask us if you’re not sure what to buy!

When choosing a lawn variety, these are the factors to think about:

  • Shade – how much shade will your lawn get and how much sun does it need to survive?
  • Water & drought – how much watering do you want to do? Some grasses do OK with minimal water.
  • Maintenance – some varieties require more mowing and edging.
  • Fertilising – for optimal growth and green, most varieties need fertilising every now and then. But how much?
  • Wear & tear – do you have kids, dogs, or generally a lot of foot traffic on the lawn? Some handle this better than others.
  • Weed resistance – will your grass out-compete weeds?
  • Disease resistance – how susceptible will the variety be to lawn diseases and fungus?
  • Budget – not all varieties cost the same. But bear in mind you will get a better performing lawn with a higher budget.
  • Ask us a question. We're happy to help!

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