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sir walter buffalo turf

Buy Sir Walter Buffalo Turf – DNA Certified

$16.90 /m²
Sir Walter Buffalo Lawn has stood the test of time, proving time and time again that it will go anywhere…

Buy Sir Walter Buffalo Turf for Sydney, Wollongong, Camden, The Southern Highlands or Goulburn!

Sir Walter Buffalo Lawn has stood the test of time, proving time and time again that it will go anywhere and grow anywhere. Buying Sir Walter Turf will give you a great lawn for:

  • Shade tolerance
  • Weed resistance
  • Drought tolerance
  • Wear resistance
  • Maintenance requirements

This variety was bred right here in Australia and is perfect for coastal areas like Sydney and Wollongong, but it does equally well inland in Camden and the Southern Highlands. Sir Walter was bred to be tough yet strong, and good looking to boot!

Since 1997, there have been over 50 million metres of Sir Walter sold Australia wide – the equivalent of 350,000 homes. There really is no match for buying Sir Walter turf because you’ll be amongst good company!

More than just a lawn. It’s a lifestyle

When you purchase Sir Walter turf, you’re not just buying a new lawn, you’re buying a whole new way of life.

Gone will be the days of playing that game of backyard footy and ending up with a knee full of bindii, or diving for that superb catch, only to finish with a mouthful of dirt.

Sir Walter is lush and green, with:

  • a tight growth habit to hold out most weeds
  • the ability to repair itself quickly if damaged, leaving fewer bare patches

You’ll find that Sir Walter gives you lawn a luxurious and verdant look that other varieties don’t.

You will also appreciate that mowing is more enjoyable, as the finished result will amaze you every time. It’s easy to take pride in your Sir Walter DNA Certified lawn!

Proven performer in heat and drought

Why have a brown lawn during summer when a lush, green, drought tolerant lawn like Sir Walter can make you the envy of your street?

Sir Walter’s roots grow deep into the subsoil gathering the moisture. A Sir Walter lawn can reduce the heat generated from the sun by up to 10 degrees celsius around your home.

A lot of different Buffalo grasses are available on the market, but none of these have been able to surpass Sir Walter in ticking all the right boxes.

Backed by Lawn Solutions Australia

With every Sir Walter purchase, no matter how big or small, you will be issued with a Lawn Solutions Australia Certificate of Warranty. This certificate is your guarantee that you are receiving genuine Sir Walter DNA Certified Turf.

As a member of the Lawn Solutions Australia house of brands, your purchase of Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo will also be covered by our nationwide warranty. Learn more about the benefits of buying from an LSA accredited grower.

Make sure you’re getting the real Sir Walter with DNA certification

In late 2015, Lawn Solutions Australia (LSA), commenced an extensive DNA testing process with our members to further ensure the Sir Walter that is produced and sold by LSA members is the genuine, high quality turf product which Australians know and trust.

To ensure you are purchasing DNA Certified Sir Walter, always:

  • be sure you are purchasing from a Lawn Solutions Australia member such as Cobbitty Lawn Turf
  • look for the Sir Walter DNA Certified logo
  • be sure to check you have received a copy of Lawn Solutions Australia’s 10-year product warranty certificate with your purchase

DNA Certified Logo

Sir Walter Buffalo FAQ

Is Sir Walter a Buffalo Grass?

Yes! Sir Walter is a buffalo grass. But it’s not your average buffalo, because it has been specifically bred in Australia, on the central coast of NSW for the conditions here.

  • DNA Certified Sir Walter is more tolerant to drought than many buffalo grasses.
  • Sir Walter keeps its colour in winter better than other buffalo varieties.
  • Sir Walter has a much softer leaf than the old-style buffalo turf you might remember from your childhood (which would give you a rash from too much rolling around), so Sir Walter is non-allergenic.
Does Sir Walter Spread?

No, DNA Certified Sir Walter Buffalo is non-invasive, so unlike Kikuyu, it does not send runners into garden beds and spread where you don’t want it to go. Read more here.

How Thick Is Sir Walter Buffalo?

Sir Walter has a dense growth habit and a thick leaf (5mm – 10mm wide). It is thicker in appearance than all common varieties available in Australia.

The thickness of Sir Walter is a great advantage. Sir Walter can crowd out weeds with its dense growth habit. The thick leaves also create an ultra-soft shagpile carpet feel.

Can You Buy Sir Walter Grass Seed?

No. Sir Walter is not grown from seed. It is only available in turf rolls bought from certified Lawn Solutions Australia growers, like us!

We are a long-established turf farm and we don’t grow Sir Walter from seed either. When we cut the turf sod, we leave a little bit behind so it can regrow and be cut again next year.

So if you find someone selling Sir Walter Grass Seed, then you should stay away! It cannot be a genuine DNA Certified Sir Walter grass and will not perform as Sir Walter does.

How Often Do You Have To Water Sir Walter?

During the establishment phase, you need to keep the water up to Sir Walter Buffalo. Water at least once and deeply every day for the first 7-14 days to avoid it drying out and to keep the soil moist. You can reduce this to every other day in the 3rd to 4th week. Keep a close eye on the grass for a few weeks after to make sure it doesn’t look dry (the leaves will start to curl inward along the long axis of the blades).

After the turf is established, water wisely and only when necessary. This can be done once a week in a long hot and dry summer for luscious growth. Watch for curling leaves as this is an indicator that the grass is stressed and drying out. Proper deep watering (e.g. once, but for a full hour) will produce deep roots, making your lawn more tolerant to a variety of conditions.

How To Lay Sir Walter Buffalo?

We’ve got a whole section about laying turf. You should have a read and let us know if you have any questions!

View this variety on our farm

To view the different turf varieties on the farm please make an appointment. The farm is not always staffed and able to accommodate walk-in requests.

Learn more about Sir Walter Buffalo Grass

Buy Sir Walter Buffalo Turf – DNA Certified
Overall Performance
Shade Tolerance
Wear Tolerance
Low Maintenance
Drought Tolerance
Heat Tolerance
Weed Resistance
Pest Resistance
Low Fertilisation

The Benefits of Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo

  • Low maintenance
  • Soft texture
  • Self repairing
  • Salt tolerant
  • 100% Australian
  • Full sun and shade tolerant
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