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Sir Grange vs Sir Walter: A Battle of the Best Turf Varieties

Aug 1, 2023

Having a beautiful and resilient outdoor space often begins with choosing the perfect turf for your lawn. The right grass can transform your lawn or yard into a lush green and inviting oasis. What can be overwhelming, however, is choosing the right turf variety from among the many available options. 

In this article, we take a close look at two competent contenders – Sir Grange Zoysia and Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo Grass. These turf varieties are favourites among homeowners and professionals for their strengths and benefits. 

Drought Resistance: Flourishing Amid Nature’s Challenges 

Having a turf that can withstand and thrive in the face of nature’s relentless hot and dry spells is a true blessing.

Sir Grange Zoysia stands tall when it comes to drought resistance. This turf variety has honed its natural resistance to low-water conditions over time. Its impressive ability to adapt to various climates makes installing Sir Grange a reliable choice over the long term. Sir Grange’s ability to flourish amid the heat and relentless dryness is simply unparalleled. 

Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo Grass, is also a versatile variety. It demonstrates high resilience to both extreme heat and cold conditions. This ability to endure everything from scorching temperatures to icy frost makes it a reliable option for those residing in areas with extreme weather patterns.

Shade Tolerance: Embracing Sunlit and Shadowy Retreats 

Creating a lush and vibrant lawn often involves dealing with areas of limited sunlight. Understanding the shade tolerance of various turf varieties is therefore crucial to selecting a grass variety that can thrive even in the shadiest corners of your garden.

Developed by Mr David Douget from Blade Runner Farms in Texas, USA, Sir Grange performs well when it comes to shade tolerance. Once it takes root, this fine-bladed turf variety requires minimal direct sunlight to thrive, making it a perfect option for areas with limited sun exposure. Its ability to flourish in partially shaded spots makes it an ideal choice for homeowners seeking a lush and vibrant lawn, even in areas that lack full-sun exposure.

DNA Certified Sir Walter is a champion in its own right among other Buffalo grass varieties when it comes to embracing shade. This buffalo grass variety excels in shady areas with as little as three hours of sunlight per day. With its broad leaves that efficiently photosynthesise even in less sunny spots, Sir Walter does well in areas where other grass varieties might struggle to maintain a lush green appearance.

Wear Tolerance: Conquering High Foot Traffic Zones 

Wear tolerance plays a vital role in ensuring that your green spaces remain resilient and inviting despite heavy foot traffic or activities.

Sir Grange proves to be a hardy contender in this area, withstanding heavy foot traffic and active use effortlessly. That makes it an excellent choice for commercial contexts, golf courses, or high-end homes that host outdoor gatherings because Sir Grange can handle a lot of direct wear. It is, however, a slow growing variety, so any deep damage can take longer to regrow than Sir Walter. You’ve also got to stay off the lawn for a comparitively long time while it gets established.

Sir Walter is no less accomplished in its ability to handle the demands of everyday family life with ease and in the growing season, it is established and ready for punishment within 4-6 weeks. Whether you’re a barbecue lover or given to frequent backyard rough and tumble, DNA Ceritified Sir Walter Buffalo grass takes on high foot traffic gracefully and boasts impressive self-repair capabilities. Playdates, peaceful picnics or simply savouring the outdoors with loved ones, Sir Walter’s thick soft leaves will maintain their velvety green appearance throughout, adding to the joy of your outdoor experiences.

Maintenance Required: Embracing Effortless Elegance 

Maintaining a well-groomed lawn is essential to create a welcoming and natural feeling. Let’s see how our two varieties stack up when it comes to the ease of maintaining a beautiful lawn. 

Once it’s established Sir Grange is a winner for those seeking low-maintenance perfection. That’s why it is used in many high-end sites across Australia, including Teven Valley Golf Course, Killara Golf Course, and Indooroopilly Golf. But… this turf variety grows very slowly and that’s good and bad. It’s good that it requires less frequent mowing and minimal nutrient input, making it a favourite among those who desire a lush lawn without the hassle of such regular upkeep during spring and summer. 

However, Sir Grange is challenging because there is a long establishment period and it should only be laid from September to December, or else it may not grow-in properly at all. It must be tended to regularly during this period too so in general, we tend to recommend Sir Grange is installed by experienced professionals who can ensure it establishes fully.

Sir Walter has its fair share of advantages regarding a hassle-free lawn maintenance experience and it is a much more forgiving lawn to lay and establish. Its tight growth pattern helps keep weeds at bay naturally, requiring minimal weeding. Combined with its overall hardiness, Sir Walter ensures that homeowners can enjoy a vibrant and appealing lawn with little effort or expertise.

Leaf Appearance: Aesthetic Elegance Unveiled 

The look of a blade of grass plays a crucial role in the overall allure of your lawn. Sir Grange Zoysia excels with its fine-leaf blades that make for a manicured and sophisticated look. Its stunning dark green colour further enhances its elegance, making it a sought-after choice for those yearning for a high-end, well-kept look to their outdoor sanctuary. 

However, if you’re looking for that fine appearance but are not prepared for the hassle and expense of installing Sir Grange, you’re best off considering TifTuf, which is another fine-leaved,  high-performing bermuda (couch) grass.

In contrast, Sir Walter boasts quite broad leaves that bestow a lush, verdant and thick texture, creating a welcoming and vibrant landscape that perfectly complements families with children and pets.

Both varieties come with unique charms for homeowners to tailor their lawn’s aesthetic to match their tastes and preference. Some like the fine velvety look of Sir Grange or TifTuf, while others like a ‘chunkier’ look bought by Sir Walter Buffalo.

Cost: Budget-Friendly and Quality Turf Solutions 

Now we come to the budget considerations between these two turf varieties. 

Being a premium grass variety, Sir Grange comes at an estimated cost of $25 – $33 per square metre. This is partly due to its slow-growing nature and exceptional qualities, leading to supply and demand market dynamics. 

This stunning, fine-bladed turf is not only aesthetically unique but also a top-notch performer in all conditions. But, don’t forget with this variety there’s a cost for professional installation and maintenance while it establishes, which you should add to your calculations. The long-term benefits and beauty of Sir Grange can justify the initial cost and inconvenience, especially for those who prioritise a low maintenance, refined lawn over the long haul.

Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo Grass offers a comparatively cost-effective option with an estimated cost of $14 – $18 per square meter. The price factor makes it a popular choice among homeowners seeking a beautiful and resilient DIY lawn without breaking their budget. Its lush and green texture and ability to thrive in various conditions make Sir Walter a practical and economical choice for families looking to create a vibrant outdoor space that stands the test of time.

Choosing Your Perfect Turf: A Tailored Fit for Your Dream Lawn

As the dust settles in the turf battle between Sir Grange Zoysia and Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo Grass, both varieties prove their worth as premium contenders. Choosing between them depends on the climate and your unique needs, aesthetic preferences and budget. 

Sir Grange may be your ideal choice if you desire a stunning fine-bladed premium turf with superior drought resistance and shade tolerance, if you are prepared for the initial challenges of getting it installed correctly. If you’re looking for a tough yet soft, low-allergenic grass that thrives in both sun and shade, and which doesn’t cost quite so much, Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo Grass would be the perfect answer.

Explore the features and benefits of both Sir Grange and Sir Walter further with the help of our turf comparison tool. Contact us today to get expert advice and quotes. Remember, your investment is protected by Lawn Solutions Australia’s nationwide 10-year product warranty.