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Turf Suppliers Sydney

May 7, 2020

Looking for quality turf suppliers in Sydney? Cobbitty Turf is your answer. We produce high quality, farm fresh, Lawn Solutions Australia turf varieties, and deliver direct to your home or business. For peace of mind, our products are back by a 10 year product guarantee.

High-quality lawn and turf suppliers in Sydney

The team at Cobbitty Lawn Turf are your local turf growers and turf suppliers. Family owned and operated, we pride ourselves on growing and supplying premium turf to Sydney and the surrounding areas.


Our farm site in Theresa Park has over 18 hectares of high-quality turf in production, readily available for purchase by the public.

As an Certified Member of Lawn Solutions Australia, we were one of the first farms in Sydney to start producing premium grass varieties such as Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo, which is one of the most popular turf varieties in Australia due to its high performance across all areas.

Benefits of buying direct from the farm


Did you know that it’s best to install your turf the same day that it’s cut?

As a living product, turf has a very short shelf-life. It’s important to take this into consideration when you’re looking at options of where to purchase your turf from.

When you buy directly from the grower, your turf is cut, rolled, packed and transported all within a matter of hours. If you purchase from a supplier who doesn’t grow the grass themselves the turf will have been cut, rolled, packed, transported and then left to sit on the shelf waiting for someone to buy it.

When researching which turf supplier to purchase your turf from, you should consider the following:

  • Turf bought directly from the farm is cut the day that your delivery is due to take place. This means that it can be cut, transported and installed all on the same day. This is vital if you want to retain the quality and give your new lawn the best chance.
  • Turf that you buy from a re-seller such as a hardware store, nursery or anywhere that doesn’t grow the turf on-site, would have been sitting on the palette for a while. This can lead to dryness, loss of quality and ultimately the grass may not establish or thrive once laid, depending on how long it’s been sitting there.
  • When you buy directly from the Cobbitty Turf farm, you know that you’re getting the best quality, weed-free, AusGAP certified genetically pure turf that’s available. You also have the satisfaction of knowing that it would have been freshly cut, just for you!
  • Turf growers and suppliers such as Cobbitty Lawn Turf will be able to give you expert advice tailored to your personal needs and turf requirements. This kind of advice may be hard to match in a re-seller setting. By accessing expert advice you’ll ensure that you get the best long term results from your new turf purchase.
  • Buying direct from the farm is often more cost-effective as it cuts out the middleman.
  • Buying from the farmer also comes with a product warranty if they’re registered with Lawn Solutions Australia.

Buy high-quality turf backed by a 10 year product guarantee

Another benefit of buying directly from the Cobbitty Turf farm is the added peace of mind that you’ve invested in a high-quality product.

As a proud member of the Lawn Solutions Australia (LSA) network of turf growers, we and our staff here at Cobbitty Lawn Turf have to continuously meet the most stringent of standards in the turf industry.

By meeting these high standards, we’re permitted to grow LSA turf varieties such as Sir Walter Buffalo, Sir Grange and Tiftuf and offer the Lawn Solutions 10 Year Product Warranty.

The 10 Year Product Warranty guarantees that your new lawn:

  • Has been freshly harvested
  • Has been inspected upon harvesting (according to our policy and guidelines)
  • Is weed and disease-free at the time of delivery and,
  • When installed and cared for, according to instructions, will perform to it full potential for a period of 10 years from installation (subject to conditions).

Turf suppliers that are AusGAP accredited

Cobbitty Lawn Turf is also proud to be AusGAP accredited.

AusGAP, the Australian Turf Accreditation Program, provides turf buyers with the assurance that the turf they are purchasing adheres to a stringent set of quality standards.

When you buy directly from the farm and deal with Cobbitty Lawn Turf, you will receive only the best service and top quality turf.

We’re your local LSA Turf Suppliers

We grow and supply the following Lawn Solutions Australia (LSA) Grass Varieties:


Depending on where you live and your personal circumstances will determine which turf variety is best suited to your project. To determine this, you first need to ask yourself:

  • How much traffic and wear will the area receive?
  • Does the area have a lot of shade?
  • Will a pet be using the lawn?
  • Will kids be playing on the lawn?
  • How much time and energy do I want to put into lawn care?

For more information on how to find the best turf variety for you, test out our turf comparison tool.

Turf suppliers that deliver to your house


Based in Theresa Park, we’re proud to supply and deliver high-quality turf to the following regions:

To speak with one of our helpful team members about which turf variety would be best for you or to place an order, give us a call on 02 4651 0000 or get in touch using our enquiry form.

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