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Turf Installation Sydney

Let our turf laying experts install your new lawn.

Please note: Due to current levels of demand, we are temporarily unable to provide our turf installation service. We will keep this page updated to let you know when this situation changes.

However, we have some amazing fully licenced and insured landscapers who would come and complete quotes and works for you. They will still purchase their turf from us, so you receive your Lawn Solutions Warranties and Certificates of Authenticity.  If you would like to give us a call we will gladly give their details to you.

Looking for some help to get your new lawn installed? We can arrange that for you! For customers within cooee of Cobbitty, we’ll come install your lawn ourselves during the low season. When things get busy, we’ll refer you to a trusted landscaper to lay your turf.


We’ll come to your site to assess the conditions that the grass will have to grow in. We look at how much sun the area gets, soil quality, and other environmental factors.

We will also listen to what you want from your lawn. Then we can tell you the pros and cons of different grass varieties which are suitable for your project.

Avoid making mistakes in measuring and estimating your turf requirements. Most of us haven’t used geometric area formulas since high school!

We’ll inspect the area and measure it properly. We’re practiced at using the right equations to ensure that you aren’t left short or with excessive waste.


When you’ve decided what grass you want, we will quote for the turf and installation. If you’re happy with this, we will schedule in an installation date to get things done at a time that’s convenient for you.

You’ll need to make sure any old grass is killed off with poison before the appointed installation. This will kill undesirable weeds or old grass that could otherwise grow up through the new turf after it is laid. Give yourself a few weeks for the poison to work fully.


On the agreed date and time, we’ll come with turf cut fresh at the farm that morning. That’s important because turf is a live product, and it should not be left to sit around for too long.

Our truck is loaded with a forklift for unloading. We use this to get your turf to the best spot on site.

The team will remove the top layer of any old dead grass and weeds. Then we will churn up the top layer of old soil and mix it with new topsoil especially formulated to suit your site and new lawn. We’ll level the topsoil to make sure that the new lawn is laid on an even surface.

Then we will put down some special water absorbing crystals that will capture and release moisture slowly under your new lawn. This keeps the roots optimally hydrated for the best establishment.

We lay the turf rolls and cut them to suit any tricky shapes in your lawn. Then we’ll gently tamp down the turf to ensure there are no air pockets underneath.

Once the lawn is laid, we’ll scatter some fertiliser and then give it all a good watering. We’ll leave you with detailed instructions on what you need to do for the first few weeks to ensure the lawn establishes well.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the installation service cost?

Pricing starts at $2.50 per metre and varies according to your site and a few other factors like:

– how easy it is to access
– how much prep you’ve done beforehand
– how much soil we need to get for you

Give us a call on 02 4651 0000 to discuss your situation and we’ll be able to provide you with an accurate estimate.

How much notice is required?

It depends on whether we will install your lawn, or if it’s the busy season when we will refer you to a trusted landscaper. It’s possible that we could do an installation with one weeks notice in the low season. But in the busy season (hotter months), it could be at least a few weeks before a landscaper is available.

But please bear in mind that the more notice we have, the more likely it is that we can put in the lawn when you want, rather than when we can.

Why should I get my lawn installed rather than doing it myself?

If you follow our instructions carefully and you have the time, there is no reason not to install your own lawn with turf we deliver. The result could be just as good.

However, some people prefer to have professionals help them to:

– have the easiest way to get their lawn
– get the fastest possible results
– have peace-of-mind that their investment won’t go to waste because of unintended errors

In all cases, there will be some regular watering you must do in the weeks after installation to make sure the turf establishes.

Turf Installation Booking

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