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Autumn lawn care to help your lawn survive the winter war

May 2, 2018

Give your lawn it’s best chance of surviving the harsh winter months with these easy autumn lawn care tips!

Winter is coming – and like every throne needs its fearless leader, your lawn needs you! You see, autumn lawn care is much like preparing your soldiers for war. Over the winter months your lawn is at its most vulnerable, and will be required to furiously fight off threats such as winter weeds, moss, lawn grubs, suffocation and fungal diseases. Yikes!

Here’s how to give your lawn its best chance of emerging at spring time as a true victor!



Autumn is the perfect time to get in and fertilise your lawn. There is still plenty of warmth in the soil meaning that your lawn is still actively growing. Fertilisation now will encourage stronger root development, overall health and vigour and help your lawn maintain its vibrant colour.

In autumn, a prilled (pelletised) fertiliser like Lawn Solutions Premium Lawn Fertiliser is going to be more effective than a liquid fertiliser, as it is going to really get down into your soil. A liquid fertiliser is going to sit predominantly on the surface of your grass, and will require a very generous application to match the concentration of essential nutrients that a prilled fertiliser holds. When applying your prilled fertiliser, spread evenly over your desired area and cross rake.

Tip: When applying an organic or prilled fertiliser, it is essential to water it in well to avoid burning.


Yes, we mean weeds! Whilst your lawn is building up its stamina, it’s imperative that you lend it a helping hand by removing and destroying any weeds present. In the same way you wouldn’t let an enemy infiltrate your ranks, don’t let winter weeds such as winter grass and broadleaf weeds get out of hand or set seed! During autumn, winter weeds will be looking for any excuse to grow, so get onto them as soon as they appear and before your lawn begins to find it harder to out-compete them.

Tip: In autumn, winter weeds will drink anything that comes their way, and thankfully, that includes weed killers!



Don’t mow too low! By keeping your lawn slightly longer throughout the cooler months, you are better equipping it for its natural process of strength building – photosynthesis (converting light into energy) which will assist with weed suppression. Conquest!

Tip: To maintain a longer lawn length you will need to mow less frequently, making autumn an ideal time to maintain your mower! Sharpen the blades, replace the spark plugs and use clean fuel.


With the winter season comes shorter days, and less beneficial sunlight. Too much shade and moisture can see moss starting to grow in certain areas of your lawn, whilst excessive moisture can see wear and tear having more severe effects than it does in warmer, dryer months. Autumn is also when excess fallen leaves and debris can become wet, stick together and suffocate your grass and breed fungal diseases.

Help your lawn by letting it breathe! When you mow, catch your clippings, rake and remove autumn leaf cover and ensure drainage in low points or where required.

Tip: If your lawn is compacted, autumn is also the perfect time to aerate which helps drive oxygen, water and fertiliser down to your lawn’s roots.

By following this set of autumn lawn care tips, you are handing your beloved lawn its ‘Winter War’ shield and giving it its best chance of survival!

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