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5 ideas for using turf in your landscaping

Dec 24, 2017

Ideas on how to improve your outdoor spaces with lawn

One of the easiest ways to improve your home’s outdoor spaces is by laying turf such as Sir Walter Buffalo. In this article we look at some ways to improve your home through the creative use of lawn.


A luscious vibrant green lawn is not only beautiful, but incredibly functional. Adding some soft buffalo grass, such as DNA Certified Sir Walter, can transform a barren backyard into so many things. Suddenly the backyard becomes an arena for kid’s playing and sports, an escape for pets, a soft carpet ideal for holding barbecues and picnics.


Lawn doesn’t have to cover every inch of your yard to be useful. You can use it more selectively to create ‘outdoor rooms’. You can create contrast between different parts of your yard and garden. It can act as a common design element throughout both your front and back yards to create cohesion in your design.

Patios and decks can be great for entertaining, however they aren’t always large enough. Having a grass that can deal with wear and tear and that actually repairs itself like Sir Walter can extend these garden features into areas fit for large family gatherings and celebrations.


The thoughtful use of turf in the garden, especially when using subtle curves and pathways, can draw the eye to different parts of your outdoor space. Consider using the shape and position of your lawns to really draw the attention to something you really love about your garden — perhaps a favourite tree or particularly decorative pot.

For example look at the way the grass subtly curves around the hedges to draw our eye to the red steps in the photograph.



You can use turf to reinforce your overall garden style, whether it’s a form cottage garden with well defined areas or something more free-form and abstract, the way you position the turf can really inject a lot of energy and personality into the overall landscape.


A hardy soft buffalo grass such as Sir Walter Turf will stay vibrant and luxuriously green in a variety of weather conditions such as extreme heat, drought, part or full shade. Consider how you can incorporate these wonderful shade of green into the colour palette of your garden. Consider the colour of your plant choices — whether using other shades of green, or incorporating bolder brighter colours to create contrast and focal points. Consider how it works with all aspects of your outdoor living including outdoor furniture, the colours of the house itself and other features such as gates and fences.

There are lots of different ways you can use turf as a landscape design element. Hopefully this list will inspire you to give it a go in your own home.

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