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Our 2018 Competition: The Best Lawn Fashion!

Feb 25, 2019

In 2018 we ran a competition to see who had the best lawn mowing fashion! Get ready for it… our contestants certainly had their own individual styles!

Our ‘Lawn Fashion’ entrants certainly gave it a good crack!

Introducing our ‘Lawn Fashion’ entrants for 2018…

Checkered Lawn Pattern Mowing


Anthony proudly sports his ‘Daggy Dad’ mowing get-up! 10 extra points went to Anthony for originality!

Checkered Lawn Pattern Mowing


Lawnthusiast Phil takes protecting his top half seriously! Extra points went to Phil for precautionary additions!

Checkered Lawn Pattern Mowing


Serious about mowing… Bruce calls himself the ‘Camokaze Cutter’! Points went to Bruce for head to toe protection, and the ability to blend in to his surrounds!

Checkered Lawn Pattern Mowing


Giving it a red hot crack… An extra 20 points went to Dave purely because that’s the cleanest lawn mower we’ve ever seen!

And Our Winner was… SCOTT BARNES!

Checkered Lawn Pattern Mowing


Scott Barnes secured his title as our Lawn Fashion Winner with his spectacular look which he fondly calls ‘Zebra and Connie’s Cutting Combo’!

Scott won himself a free bucket of Lawn Solutions Premium Fertiliser! Good on ya Scott!

To celebrate the launch of our brand new website, we are now running a  2019 competition for the BEST LAWN STRIPES! To enter or more information visit our Facebook page!