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Why Sir Grange Zoysia is ‘a Finer Choice’

Mar 22, 2019

With a beautiful deep green colour, fine blade and a soft to touch feel, premium turf variety Sir Grange is a perfect choice for Australian families.

Sir Grange Zoysia was originally developed for the golf industry, but it was soon discovered that due to its characteristics, it would make a fantastic home lawn.

However, the suitability of this variety for your backyard extends far beyond its good looks!

Hand selected from over 10,000 different cultivars, Sir Grange Zoysia underwent a strict research and development process, by the world’s most successful turf breeders.

Sporting superior qualities, Sir Grange Zoysia is now widely known as ‘a finer choice’.

Here are some of the reasons why Sir Grange is considered ‘a finer choice’ for Aussie yards:

High Shade & Drought Tolerance

Sir Grange Zoysia has both excellent shade and drought tolerance. It is perfectly suitable for sun full areas, but also only requires 4 hours of direct sun/daylight to stay healthy.


Extremely Low Maintenance

Sir Grange Zoysia has very low nutrient and water requirements. Once established, it will use up to 50% less water and nitrogen than other common turf varieties to stay green.

Another characteristic of Sir Grange is that it is a significantly slower growing variety than others. This means that it requires up to 50% less mowing than other common turf varieties, whilst it can also withstand a wide range of mowing height options.

Weed & Insect Resistance

Sir Grange Zoysia has a very dense root structure, making it extremely difficult for weeds and insects to penetrate and cause problems that tend to be common amongst other turf varieties.

Extremely Hardy Variety

Sir Grange Zoysia has an extremely high tolerance to wear, is self-repairing and even survives through sub-freezing temperatures.

Suitable for Seaside Areas

Lucky enough to live near the ocean? Sir Grange Zoysia has excellent salt tolerance. It can handle salt up to 17,000ppm (parts per million) – to be exact!

10 Year Warranty

Here at Cobbitty Lawn Turf, we sell Sir Grange Zoysia with a 10-Year Lawn Solutions Australia Product Warranty Certificate.

This Certificate is to ensure that you are receiving genuine Sir Grange Zoysia, cultivated and harvested under strict standards, free of diseases and weeds on arrival and guaranteed to perform to its maximum potential.

Convinced yet?

When you consider each of Sir Grange Zoysia’s superior characteristics, it’s not hard to understand why this beautiful variety is quickly earning its title as ‘a finer turf choice’ – not only in Australia, but in over 10 different countries!

For your free Sir Grange Zoysia quote, or to seek the expert advice of our friendly team, please give us a call today on (02) 4651 0000.

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